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Why should you install a bidet Sprayer?

Why should you buy a bidet Sprayer?

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Numerous accessories are available on the market to provide a little bit of comfort to your toilet. In fact, there are many options available, such as a unique toilet cabinet, a stylish and modern washbasin, a wall-hung bidet, or even a toilet sprayer. This final component, which is none other than the toilet hand bidet sprayer, is becoming more and more popular in bathrooms all around the world. Several explanations, as we will see in the following paragraphs, can be used to explain the Middle Eastern term for this accessory’s popularity. We will see in this article why you should consider upgrading your existing toilet.

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Why should you get a bidet sprayer?

As its name clearly indicates, the toilet sprayer is essentially a cleaning material to put in your toilet. Its main function is to perform anal and genital hygiene.It’s also fascinating to know that toilet paper usage is quite uncommon in Muslim countries and that hand showers are regularly used in these nations. The popularity of this toilet accessory has grown significantly over the world, though. In fact, bathrooms that are trendy and stylish now have toilet hand showers. Even while the comfort offered by the hand shower and the bidet is not exactly comparable, it is still a very practical and cost-effective choice.

What purpose does a bidet sprayer in the toilet serve?

Because the hand shower cleans softly and without causing irritation after using the lavatory, many individuals have decided to use it. Additionally, it is simple to use and today serves as an essential adjunct to the toilet wherever you go.It goes without saying that using toilet paper is no longer necessary when there is a toilet shower. Yes, the loo shower makes it possible for you to clean your genitalia right away after shopping. As a result, you decrease trash that harms the environment because paper is an extremely polluting material. Additionally, research from 2017 indicated that the production of toilet paper would be the reason for the loss of 10% of trees. In reality, the average person in the UK uses 100 rolls of toilet paper per year. Consequently, at a time when everyone is attempting to reduce their own personal waste,

The advantages of cleaning yourself with a hand shower

The use of toilet paper is above all catastrophic for the environment. Indeed for the production of a single roll of toilet paper , it takes on average more than 150 liters of water . However, by using a hand shower, you can reduce your consumption of toilet paper by up to half. In addition to being ecological, the use of a hand shower is also more hygienic. Not only can it prevent irritation of your private parts , but it also saves you from getting dirty. Finally, this new accessory could very well be suitable for the elderly or disabled people.

How to install a toilet bidet sprayer in your toilet?

If you’re set on using a bidet sprayer, follow these instructions to install it properly:

  • First of all, cut off the general power supply to the accommodation: all the water inlets must be closed;
  • As all toilets are equipped with a shut-off valve, remove it but you must equip the toilet with a multi-way valve;
  • Next, connect the hose to the shut-off valve;
  • Then proceed to attach a shower wall bracket;
  • Screw the hand shower onto its hose
  • Turn the water supply back on.

    Additionally, it’s useful to note that a classic toilet stop valve is simple to access, making the flushing kit installation much simpler than it would be on a toilet with a suspended bowl. Breaking down a partition won’t be useful at that point. When dealing with a wall-hung toilet, the situation is made more difficult because it will be essential to take apart the cladding hiding the support frame and its shut-off valve.

What are the advantages of a bidet sprayer?

One of the main advantages, is the reduction in the use of toilet paper. It is estimated that people waste around 17 million trees each year due to their need to use toilet paper. Additionally, toilet wipes contain drying agents and can leave the bottom of the toilet wet and itchy. By using only water, toilet sprays reduce the use of sanitary wipes and help save the environment. The biggest advantage of a bidet sprayer is the fact that it reduces the need to use toilet paper. Its low water consumption means less clogs in drains, which will reduce the need for cleaning in the future. It also helps the environment by preserving trees. In addition to saving water, it will save you money in the long run. 

Where to buy a bidet sprayer for your toilet?

Commercial toilet hand showers are easily accessible from  any DIY store. On the other hand, in order to make a better comparison, it is especially advisable to make your purchase online like Amazon or Ebay from £20 only!

What are the alternatives to a hand shower?

Although a bidet sprayer can provide more comfort, if you want to have a better user experience, it is more recommended to buy a washlet or toilet seat. Incorporating a hand shower, the advantage of a washing seat is that it does not require any manual activity other than pressing the control buttons. Apart from that, on some models, in addition to washing, you can also access other options (drying, heated rear window, self-cleaning, etc.). Afterwards, if your budget allows it, you can also buy a complete Japanese toilet kit which is accessible from £650 to £700 (excluding postage and installation).

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